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Toy Story 3:

-In their most productive week of production, Pixar completed 3.5 minutes of animation.

– Buzz’s original name was supposed to be Lunar Larry

– Originally, Bo Peep was supposed to be a Barbie doll.

– Barbie and Ken’s outfits are modeled after real life dolls

After seeing three of the animators at Pixar come to Columbia to speak last year, I am fascinated by the fact that the studio is so incestuous.  Many of them attended the same school, and were even taught by the same professors.  Andy, for example, is named after Brown University professor Andy Van Dam, who taught many of the staff members on this film.




Toy Story 3

A few days ago I finally saw the new Toy Story. By the way, this contains  *SPOILERS*  We were all the way across town when we realized the last showing was in five minutes, so we drove at mach-10, and just managed to run into the movie theater (without popcorn, which is really unheard of) just in time for the opening title screen.  In all honesty, I loved Toy Story, but Toy Story 2 just didn’t hit home with me…

With all the hype, I was afraid of having my expectations set too high, but the good people at Pixar did not disappoint. The screenplay and storyboards took a whopping two and a half years to complete!  The thing is, as soon as the movie starts up, you are filled with all these warm and fuzzy memories of being young and then soon”You’ve got a friend in me” starts playing… it’s good.

There is one particular scene in the movie that is the pivotal point in our toys’ adventure, and that is when everyone is certain that there is no way out of their situation as they are about to burn to death.  (What a great children’s movie!)  Buzz looks at Jesse, Jesse looks at Bullseye, and one by one the camera shows each of them take one another’s hands in loving acceptance.  It is, honest to goodness, one of the most emotional scenes I have ever seen in a film.  It really is so far ahead of your basic children’s movie…

Anyway, in keeping with usual Pixar fashion, there were lots of hidden surprises in this movie that Slashfilm helped clue me (and yahoo news) in on… for example:

Did you know that Lots o huggin’ bear made an early appearance in the original Toy Story…

It’s amazing how far digital imaging has come… look at the quality difference between the two movies, that blows my mind!  Actually, am I the only person who is a little bit creeped out by it?