Crazy Cool Links

Other great blogs to check out:

  • Slash Film is one of my favorite blogs. Watch trailers, read reviews, and find information about major and independent films.
  • Dear Girls Above Me is a hilarious blog about a guy living below two really stupid girls.  This isn’t exactly topical, but if you visit, you will laugh.

Places to watch TV Shows/Movies for free:

  • Hulu is a great resource. It’s free and easy and doesn’t require any downloads whatsoever. Check out their constantly changing selection of movies and tv shows.
  • TBS offers many of their shows up for online streaming, free of charge.
  • NBC offers many complete episodes for online streaming as well.
  • Here is a place to watch documentaries online!

Other Sites:

  • In case you have never heard of Stumble Upon, it is a fantastic tool that you should be using.  They will navigate through the tons of shit out there on the interwebs to find stuff you will like!  I get a lot of my material for this blog from Stumble Upon, in case that is any further proof of it’s awesomeness.
  • LinkedIn is a professional networking site where you can connect with other people in the business world.  It’s a great way to make and keep connections.
  • IMDB. The Internet movie database.  All information on every movie, ever (even movies still in production).  I don’t know, in case you’ve been living in a cave or something!


One response to “Crazy Cool Links

  1. thank you for the link to “Dear Girls Above Me.” I’m laughing so friggin hard!
    how do these girls not yet know about his blog???

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