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I am working on a new beautiful layout. I should have a revamped site by the week after memorial! It will be more cohesive and targeted based on my traffic. I wish this post was more elegant but I’m currently playing a game of me vs. throwup. So yep. Have a good week bloggers! xoxo


I used to want to talk a lot in my blog posts but now I just want to share cool shit with the world.


Behind the Scenes

Here are a few to make up for the dark time with no internet…

Three Classics:



The Twilight Zone

Never Let Me Go

I spent my morning, as I often do, watching trailers on YouTube, when I stumbled upon one for “Never Let Me Go” with Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley.  (Based off the book of the same title). I’m drooling.

I live down the street from a nice theatre in Lakeview that shows some of the smaller/independent movies on a regular basis, so I catch trailers and see posters of new flicks pretty often.  “Never let me go” has been out for so long that it’s available on Netflix on the first of March, but I still never got around to seeing it for some reason.

This movie looks totally solid.  It’s a beautiful reminiscence shared by three friends of the boarding school they attended in their youth that caused their social ineptitude.  It also centers on how their relationships with each other are affected by the mind-fuck that was their upbringing.  (This blog is so professional.)

Anywho… here’s the trailer… tell me your thoughts!


Ice Ice Baby

Everyone loves kitchy ice cube trays, and everyone loves the classics: shot glasses, Atari and tetris shapes, etc.  But I scoured (google searched) and found the best:

Water Bottle ice cubes

My only qualm with these is that we should all be using Nalgene bottles for our thirst quenching needs now, but never the less, I think we have all been in the frustrating situation of needing long thin ice cubes.

Shark Fin

I’m not convinced that they would float…

3.  Dentures

I would much rather have the denture ice at a party than ice shot glasses.  I guess that’s why I never have parties.


I need these so bad.  I already have the tiara.

Dino Bones

I feel like these are only cool if you use all of them at once in a strange colored liquid.  A spinal cord in a diet coke isn’t gonna cut it.


I’m proud to say, my roommate and I already have these ones. They’re not very tasteful.  But she loves Titanic.

Epic Montage

This video is amazing.  The cheerleader and the basketball hoop is my favorite.  The best thing about it is that nobody eats shit.  It’s all successful.