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Street art

More inspiring images from my stumblings.


Look at me, falling behind on my posts… My only excuse is that the fly-est babi girl ever was visiting me this week.  So.  alas, no…  I did not make it to C2E2.  Sunday, the holy day; the only day I could have actually gone, I got sick.  Go me.

So instead of talking about convention-related things, I’m going to show you a cat.  I wish I could talk about something interesting, but it’s been a crazy weekend and I think I still have residual hang-over inside of me.

Plus this is awesome.

Thanks X

He’s stoned


New York knows their hipsters


I think this is amazing.  It reminds me of myself.  And… a boy.  Although I’d never date someone with a goatee.  Psh.