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Kick Ass Cakes

I save these little by little when I come across them in my interweb goings on, and I think it’s finally time to show them off


Movie Poster

You do this

Minimalist Movie Posters

I don’t know why movie posters are so popular on the internet… Seems like every entertainment blog has a special series out there, but these ones are actually very good.  These are just a few of TONS on this website.  Dumb and Dumber is obviously the best one.  Check them out here.

The Fantastic in Art and Fiction

I stumbled upon this awesome archive of fantasy images from the Manuscript Collection at Cornell.  There are descriptions and pictures under the sections on the home page.  You can read about the art of angels, demons, centaurs, etc. in art and what they represent(ed). One of the most interesting for me was the section on possession/insanity in fantastic art, which has less to do with demonic posession, and more to do with psychological disorders and sexuality.

Here are some of my favorite images, but if you’re into them, I would suggest checking them out for yourself here.

Steampunk FTW

You know, I feel like I should mention that I’m not like, a crazy Star Wars fanatic.  Someone who doesn’t know anything about me but visits my blog often might think that.  It’s misleading, because I post so much about it, simply because there is so much Star Wars stuff out there online for me to post about.   I have the dvds and I watch them a normal amount, and I really enjoy science fiction and I admit that the Star Wars trilogy is kind of the holy grail.  But, honestly, I have always preferred The Lord of the Rings, and sometimes even Harry Potter over both of those.

…And Twilight.  Just kidding.