Here are the people who I am lucky enough to call affiliates. Only the most talented made the list.

The Film Minstrel is a side project I am working on. It was designed to help you find a movie to watch based on your mood, just search a genre or keyword (ie: happy, motivational, etc.) and find the perfect movie.

Fish With Teeth is a unique blog by my best friend; the love of my life, Christopher.  He has diverse interests so this blog ranges from movies and television, to video games, to fishing.  I would love it if you’d drop by and leave him some feedback.

Fandomoium is a blog on what’s happening in the wide world of all things fandom. Be sure to check her out!

Elliot Nevills is a good friend of mine who happens to have mad skills in everything production related.

Millicent Evans is one fucking funny lady. Read her ramblings on nothing in particular.

Billy Roberts is another friend who is thoroughly engulfed in all things entertainment. Go soak up the hip.

Tim Lovegrove is a wonderfully witty (and generous with his Japanese drinks) friend that I recently met who, upon visiting his blog, I feel a sense of kindred spirits.

Shelby Rothman is a classmate of mine who is keeping a blog on all her traveling adventures.  She will inspire your thirst for adventure!

[All links will open in a new tab!]


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