About Me

Hello readers! My name is Anja Harris, and I am a television post-production major at Columbia College Chicago, although I’m originally from Grand Rapids, MI.  I like the outdoors.  I like to talk about, watch, and make movies whenever I can.

In high school, A/V was my favorite class by far, thanks to Julie Vanderlaan, an inspiring woman who continues to challenge her students to find the art in movie making.

Now that I’ve entered higher education, I have found that while I am not the best writer or director, I can produce dreamy lighting, own challenging or creative camera moves, and talk the talk with my inspiring, talented (and pretentious, in some cases) peers.  My love of movies continues to be fostered by them every day.

What makes my blog unique is that I’m not a slave to the classics or the critics.  I like all kinds of movies, all kinds of television, and ALL kinds of what the internet has to offer.  Except westerns.  I can’t get into them, so, I’m sorry.  Oh, and uh… horror.  I haven’t seen a scary movie in years, which I think has contributed greatly to my lack of paranoia regarding dark woods and strangers.

Nerdy Things is basically just my internet history posted to a blog. I’ll try my best to keep the subject matter interesting, but if you have any requests or suggestions, please feel free to leave me some comments!  If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, email me, I would be honored.

❤ Anja.

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4 responses to “About Me

  1. sweet page Anja, keep up the good work!

  2. looking around your blog- you seem like a wicked cool dood! many of the same interests as myself 🙂 (i admit… I found you through my love of Jay Baruchel…) awesome.

  3. Fun blog!
    Love the Star Wars pic…

  4. i think i’m gonna like it here 🙂 super fun stuff.
    i can’t really get into westerns either, except Jeremiah Johnson or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I guess if Robert Redford’s in it, I can tolerate it 🙂

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