The IT Crowd

Since I’m finished with The OC and I won’t be starting Modern Family until my Netflix queue gets flushed out a bit, I was wandering aimlessly through the internet today when I decided to watch the first episode of The IT Crowd. I know British comedies are supposed to be all the rage, but I’m sorry to say it was such a disappointment. And yes, it was the British one that I’ve been watching… not the NBC version.

The story is about the IT center (in the basement) of an office building with idiot employees… The boss hires a woman as the IT manager without any qualifying questions of computer knowledge. It turns out that she padded her resume a bit, and knows nothing about fixing computers. The boys decide to keep her around in order to add some personability to the unpopular department.

The actual humor, however, is very “Stella”, and that automatically alienates the audience. To be honest, it’s missing a third, less nerdy character who can be the leader of their little group. In short, this is a crappy version of The Big Bang Theory…

I’m not going to give up on it just yet… Hopefully it’s the kind of comedy that starts out ironically cheesy and matures into something with better character identities and stronger jokes that extend beyond awkward one liners… Either way, I feel pretty certain that I’d like NBC’s version better.


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