Never Let Me Go

I spent my morning, as I often do, watching trailers on YouTube, when I stumbled upon one for “Never Let Me Go” with Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley.  (Based off the book of the same title). I’m drooling.

I live down the street from a nice theatre in Lakeview that shows some of the smaller/independent movies on a regular basis, so I catch trailers and see posters of new flicks pretty often.  “Never let me go” has been out for so long that it’s available on Netflix on the first of March, but I still never got around to seeing it for some reason.

This movie looks totally solid.  It’s a beautiful reminiscence shared by three friends of the boarding school they attended in their youth that caused their social ineptitude.  It also centers on how their relationships with each other are affected by the mind-fuck that was their upbringing.  (This blog is so professional.)

Anywho… here’s the trailer… tell me your thoughts!



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