Ice Ice Baby

Everyone loves kitchy ice cube trays, and everyone loves the classics: shot glasses, Atari and tetris shapes, etc.  But I scoured (google searched) and found the best:

Water Bottle ice cubes

My only qualm with these is that we should all be using Nalgene bottles for our thirst quenching needs now, but never the less, I think we have all been in the frustrating situation of needing long thin ice cubes.

Shark Fin

I’m not convinced that they would float…

3.  Dentures

I would much rather have the denture ice at a party than ice shot glasses.  I guess that’s why I never have parties.


I need these so bad.  I already have the tiara.

Dino Bones

I feel like these are only cool if you use all of them at once in a strange colored liquid.  A spinal cord in a diet coke isn’t gonna cut it.


I’m proud to say, my roommate and I already have these ones. They’re not very tasteful.  But she loves Titanic.


One response to “Ice Ice Baby

  1. Jeffrey Wilczynski

    I have the denture ice! They melt kinda fast, but they’re fun none the less!

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