Just a note

Hi everyone,

Well, I finally have the internet at home again.  I am, however, fairly unimpressed.  If someone had told me a year ago that I would be living without internet for months I would have literally fallen over.  I remember the time this summer that I spent trying to catch up on Weeds, I didn’t leave my laptop for days.  A friend made me watch outside…

So school has started and I’m FINALLY taking a Motion Graphics/After Effects class which I couldn’t be more excited about… I’m also trying to get the ball rolling on some videos for Lush, who I have fallen madly, passionately in love with.  But as much as this amazing job has given me… I have something better!  A new fella in my life, who has yet to be named:

He was kind of homeless, so I thought I’d let him hang out for a while, but he has captured my heart.

Anyways, as lethargic as I have become over personal life crises these past weeks, I am going to start picking up the blogging again.  Stay tuned…

Love Anja.


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