The O.C.

For those of you who aren’t my roommate, my ex boyfriend, or Kaley, I have been watching The O.C. over the last couple of months.  I know, I’m six years or so behind… I would say spoiler alert, but you’ve all been there done that, right?

I think the reason I can appreciate this show years later (way past it’s prime) extends beyond the fact that I am madly in love with Adam Brody.  I have been ever since the first time I saw him jam with Hep Alien on Gilmore Girls many moons ago… Anyway, the incestuous nature of the show is something that makes me feel warm and fuzzy for my high school years, and the soundtrack is just so damn entertaining.  When Seth gives Anna and Summer The Goonies and Death Cab For Cutie for Christmukkah, I swoon.

While on one hand I can see why the show was cancelled, (which is the same reason that Weeds had to drastically alter their storyline) because there are too few people in the show to provide convincing drama.  The story lines are over reaching and repetitive (more than one coma in a series is teetering on being a tad bit unbelievable).

But alas, here I am at the end of season 4, which is without a doubt the worst season of any show I can think of, and I couldn’t be more upset.  What is Netflix going to send me now?!  Movies?!  Well, this was a big day for me.  Thanks for being here to share it.


One response to “The O.C.

  1. ryan atwood becoming a successful architect made me sick..shoulda stuck to kicking ass in wife beaters

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