Nobody Panic!!!

I’m still alive.   For the past several weeks however, I have been doing the impossible: living without the internet.  Apart from the immense relief I feel from having given up online news, tetris, Facebook, and checking my email every four minutes, I actually feel the loss of this blog, which has proved distracting.  I’m currently in a Starbucks.

On New Years Resolutions:

Lots of people say they don’t believe in making a resolution, but I disagree. I love the idea of reinventing yourself and the intangible “New” year seems like the perfect time.  It is the universal calendar by which we all measure time.  Why not?  In 2010, I finished my very first New Years Resolution.  I watched 100 new movies.  I thought it would get hard towards May, but then I realized having little friends and a Netflix account can really help you go the distance.  My 100th movie was Black Swan, which I saw in theatres with Kevin on the day it came out.  He paid and everything.

Even though I winced through 20% of the film, I really thought it was mindblowing.  Natalie Portman is already close to my heart thanks to Garden State (kidding), but I ws honestly blown away by how well she played the maniacal ballerina.  And it’s worth mentioning the amount of training the girls must have done to prepare for a film like this… Some of the scenes were obviously more about shock value than actual story development, but I thought the skin peeling and mirror shattering was all quite dramatic and thus worthwhile.

The lesbian scene which has been built up for months now really wasn’t what I expected.  I know that’s really the only reason Kevin took me in the first place, but it wasn’t as graphic as I was expecting.  Kind of tasteful actually, all things considered.  Somehow the whole movie managed to be very overtly sexual, without really any sex at all.  Also, am I the only one who previously had no idea what Swan Lake was about?

Anyway, it’s a resolution I’m really proud of.  This year I have decided that I’m going to finish The Bible (a continuing resolution for the third year in a row).  But so far that’s all I’ve got.  Tell me what your resolutions are.  I promise I’ll see you again soon.



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