127 Hours

I have been so busy.  If it wasn’t for the fact that my daily hits are still relatively high, I’d be neglecting you all.  Just a quick post because its 2am and I have to be at work really early tomorrow:

If you have heard anything at all about this movie, the following shouldn’t be a spoiler alert… but just in case, I’ll warn you.  This movie was fantastic.  Based upon a true story, James Franco portrays Aron Rolston, a hiker who is all by himself when he slips and falls, wedging himself underneath a rock.  After a grueling 127 Hours, he is forced to cut himself free, after realizing that it’s his only way out.  And yes, it’s very graphic.

Even ignoring the fact that I think James Franco is totally dreamy, this film was a hit.  The challenge of making an hour of this movie go by with very minimal cutaway shots is mind blowing… but writer/director Danny Boyle makes it happen.  Franco shuffles through a sleu of embarrassingly honest emotions during the days he is stranded, most of which are communicated with no dialogue.  It was very intense, I smell a best actor nomination…

Aron chronicled his entire journey with a video camera, and I have to say that the points when he films himself in the movie were by far my favorite… watching this adventurous person turn into a madman will probably bring you to tears.  In short… go see this movie.


One response to “127 Hours

  1. i so cannot wait to see this! i read Aron’s book “between a rock and a hard place”. i had to skim over the parts where he cuts off his arm….tummy=queasy.
    i LOVE autobiographical movies and books.
    i also want to see the movie Soul Surfer about Bethany Hamilton. i read her autobiography as well.
    these people are so dang inspiring!

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