Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1

I have given it a few days, half out of laziness, half out of wanting this post to be unaffected by the blindness of love… So, I’ll go ahead and get to it.  Spoiler alert.

First of all, I will just really quickly be the first to admit this was a way funnier movie than I thought it would be.  With very little in the book offering lighthearted moments amidst life threatening situations, I was really glad to see that as such a prevalent part of this movie.

Kari and I saw Harry Potter at a midnight showing at the new Showcase Ion theater downtown, and it was incredible.  Besides paying way way too much for the popcorn, it was seriously a perfect evening.

Since they’re on the run, that really allowed for unbelievable locations.  Some of the scenes where the three camp out literally took my breath away they were so epic and unique.  I read that a ton of it was filmed in Scotland.  Just unbelievable cinematography.  As far as lighting goes, it’s obvious they’re paying a bit more attention to the fact that this is a fantasy series at its heart.  Playing around and letting the lighting and sets get more experimental.  Dreamy, cool greens with warm oranges and dark blues illuminate every single scene.

I also really appreciated the pacing.  Yates communicates perfectly the frustration that the trio feels from not finding anything day after day with the slower mood that kicks in for twenty minutes or so halfway through the film.

The one problem that I did have with the movie is that we saw very little of Harry’s classmates.  Even though there’s really no plot-motivated reason to show a clip or two of Hogwarts, I think it would benefit the viewers’ curious mind.  And after all, this is a world we’re seeing into, and showing us how the entire wizarding community has been effected seems like a natural part of that equation.

By far my favorite scene is when Harry and Hermione are stuck in the tent one night and Ron has left them and Hermione just looks lifeless and hopeless.  When Harry walks over to her and takes her hand so the two of them can dance makes my heart flutter.  What and adorable scene!  It reminds us of their bond; and the fact that they chose to be together at that moment in a display of loyalty.  It reminds us that they are just kids, and that even in the darkest times, there can be fun.

So, overall, the film was everything I expected it to be.  Real human longing finally being portrayed in a romantic way between Ron and Hermione (Squee!), had me in tears at one point.  Actually I cried three times.  Yep.  But there are plenty of moments that are intense and heart pounding too.  Hermione being tortured is taken really far, it made my stomach turn.   I don’t know what I’m going to do when the last film is over.  Probably cry more…

So tell me your thoughts!


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