Bros Icing Movies

I know you’ve all heard of “bros icing bros”, some stupid (or is it BRILLIANT?!) trend of giving another dude a Smirnoff Ice and then he has to drink it and it’s supposed to be emasculating, but I think most preppy boys actually really love it.

ANYWAYS.  I’ve got a really great video from College Humor that is a spoof on icing, called “Bros Icing Movies”.

Will someone come Silver Bullet me???

Bros 4L,


3 responses to “Bros Icing Movies

  1. omg. hahahahah! I loved the video. And I feel like I live under a rock since I am JUST now hearing about being iced.

  2. This and the comic under it=reblogging. Especially the last one but I wanted to comment on the validity of both. Lulz.

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