So, spoiler alert for those of you who still haven’t seen Inception.  (gtfo)  Michael Cane released a BBC statement revealing the end of the film.

In the interview, he says that Leonardo was not in a dream during the film’s last sequence.  I feel like this one was pretty obvious from the beginning, because the top begins to wobble just as it cuts to black.  Tops can’t wobble and become straight again, that’s just science.

Anyway, my roommate and I were just discussing recently how absurd it is that Inception fans are so obsessive about the final scene in the first place.  Are Nolan’s tremendous themes tackled in the film not more important than the question of whether it was all a dream?  That doesn’t take away any of the questions that the film is asking the viewer, so why the hell does it matter?!

The idea of keeping someone alive solely within your own memory, and how that memory can literally strangle you is a pretty massive concept.  Not to mention the moral question of manipulation and witholding information from your loved ones.  Or, how about theories of alternate realities, madness, and insanity?  Are all these things less important than whether or not Leo was dreaming!?  What a copout!  If that is your biggest problem then you completely missed the point of the film!

Please, tell me what you think guys.  Love Anja (and Kari, my roommate.)  😀


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