Halloween Costumes

Over the last several years now, I’ve been really into the idea of being Princess Leia for halloween.  Not the slave Leia, I’ve never been into slutty costumes.  Anyway, the real problem here is that have you seen a Star Wars lisenced costume?!  They’re so crazy expensive!

Alright, next option… we have the classic:

We’re averaging about 70 bucks for the Star Wars costumes. MOVING ON.

Here, we have Summer dressed as Wonder Woman from The O.C.  She was dressing up for Seth’s birthday, which I think is just about the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard.  Sort of:

Very classic.  There are about a billion Wonder Woman costumes out there so finding this specific one could be tricky. I think worth it.

Then we have Kristen Bell’s “Picasso’s blue period” costume from Fanboys which is just wildly imaginative.  I would be the most popular girl at the party.


2 responses to “Halloween Costumes

  1. whats wrong with the slutty princess leia again?

  2. hahahah jk

    but really think about it….

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