Harry Potter!

Hi friends, I am back from my travels and I’m feeling refreshed.  I took a little trip across the country for a couple weeks to New Orleans, California, and Colorado.  Such a dream.  Anyways, enough about that, let’s talk about Harry Potter.

Recently, Empire featured a Deathly Hallows cover and even featured a couple of movie stills in the article.  Let me briefly assess the fact that Daniel Radcliffe; the hero of the series, is supposed to be seventeen in this film.  So um, hopefully none of you want him as badly as I do when he’s onscreen.  Freaks.

In the film, which will be released in two parts, the trio sets off alone for the first time (Abandoning their schoolwork!) determined to find the Horcruxes, in which Lord Voldemort has placed pieces of his soul.  Sexual tensions are bound to be pouring out of the screen and soaking the viewers in their angst, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Harry will be facing his biggest fears- extending beyond just death or pain, but abandonment, true loss of hope, and letting down basically everyone he has left.

In last months Entertainment Weekly, I read that writer J.K. Rowling stands by Director David Yates’ decision to release the film in two parts.  Everyone seems to be pretty serious about the fact that the decision was for the fans, because everyone wants a whole, complete epic ending for this decade long love affair.  While there is no doubt that releasing it this way will make more money, I feel pretty certain that this is a good idea.  I know that I for one would hate to think that anything might have to be cut out of our final hours together.

The ending of the series is going to be a rough one for me.  Like most Potter fans, I have grown up with the books and movies and felt a significant impact on my life when the novels came to an end.  As shitty as I feel about it all, I think there is a chance that the cast and crew might feel even worse.  Maybe. Radcliffe, Grint, and Watson have all addressed this major chapter of their lives coming to an end with legitimate sorrow, but I’m pretty hopeful that their work will stand the test of time and they will move on to better things.  I mean, just look at Emma’s new hair.  BABE!

I’m really looking forward to Helena Bonham Carter having a bigger role in the final part of the series, because I think she’s a fantastic actress.  Even if she did look the exact same for her role in Sweeney Todd… I actually really feel like I’ve fallen in love with the entire cast.  Bonnie Wright included, which I never thought I’d say.  As the movies go on, everything just gets better and better.  The writing, the beautiful cinematography, each film just feels more cohesive than the previous one.

I watched an interview (below) with Daniel talking about saying goodbye to his “teenage years” and honestly felt shivers.  My love for the series is so well saturated that I feel like nothing could ever happen that would ruin the magic for me.  I’m in Fanboys, counting down the days until the release.  I’m watching every interview I can get my hands on and bracing myself for the immense, bone crushing sadness I will feel as my decade long lover bids me farewell for the final time.

So please, share with me your thoughts as things come to and end, and tell me what you’re most excited for!


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