Inception AGAIN

I have the most insane obsession with behind the scenes photos.  Anyway let me cut to the chase.  I have now seen Inception three times.  While it was still really badass, some of the magic is starting to wear off…

Let me be frank about this, I hate the beginning.  I know that sounds harsh, but let me explain.  (Spoiler alert) When Cobb washes up on the beach in that very first scene, it obviously leaves some questions unanswered.  In the end of the film, when you finally get relief as he delves to the deepest levels of his subconscious, we gain absolutely nothing from that “wrap up”.  In other words, bringing the viewer full circle didn’t blow our minds, it wasn’t experimental, and it didn’t make an extraordinary statement.  It wasn’t even the most pivotal scene in the film.  Now that we’re all in agreement, I can move on…

My second problem with the beginning was that the initial beach scene added too much to an already really confusing lead in.  We have to go through two short scenes immediately afterward, where the contradicting dreams confuse the viewer even further.  I am all for the technique of leaving your audience on the edge of their seats, but I think that three short, quick scenes of confusion is too much.  While the dream parts might be necessary, that first scene just adds time.  Twenty minutes in and I remember thinking “I might just hate this movie”.  That’s a point where you should start to be getting drawn into the story, not wondering what the hell is going on.

Let me know how you feel in the comments.  Did you see the movie twice?  Upon reflection, do you agree that the intro sequences for the movie were excessive?  Do you think I’m full of shit?  Also, were there any other parts of the movie that you want to comment on?  Like perhaps the brilliance of the score, or the awful names for the characters ?  Because by the end I was still confused on Mal (too short) and Ariadne’s (too hard to pronounce) names…


One response to “Inception AGAIN

  1. I thought the beginning had so much going on that by the end of the film you understand what it was, but you don’t really get that full circle feeling. It seems like it also prompts too many outlandish fan theories.

    The score was fucking awesome. Period.

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