Fangirl Crush

My latest fangirl crush is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  That comes as no surprise to any of you who saw Inception (or read my review of it, for that matter).  His acting in it looked absolutely effortless.  He played confidence in a sexy way, and he seemed much older than he actually is; very um… professional?  He has already had a really impressive acting history, despite being only 29 years old.  He’s been nominated for three SAG awards, a Golden Globe, and tons of others over the years.

TV appearances here and there throughout his childhood, but you probably remember him from Angels in the Outfield, or later on from Third Rock From the Sun.  He was cute then too.  I also loved him in Ten Things I Hate About You (Me and every other girl born from 85-90…) What a classic high school movie.

I haven’t seen a lot of his films, but recently, I got around to seeing 500 Days of Summer, which was charming.  It wasn’t my favorite date movie ever, but I’m still glad I saw it.  I have this problem, because I wish I loved Zooey Deschanel, but she’s always playing the same character, so I was ready to boycott 500 Days- until I wanted more of Joseph.  He’s great but by the end the story line is a bit of a stretch…

So how about a little bit of trivia courtesy of IMDB:
– He attended Columbia University.  (And I’m attending Columbia College Chicago… fate?) He did not graduate.
– He plays the guitar.
– One of his favorite movies is Dumbo.  (How endearing.)

And one final quote.  “Success is not important to me, nor are power or money. If the script feels good, then I’m in. It’s that simple.”  UM genuine men make me SWOON.

So, indulge me.  What is your favorite thing about this terrific actor?


One response to “Fangirl Crush

  1. What you say about him is what makes me want him, not as much the pictures. He is pretty cute, but I would like to see a post about Adam Brody.
    & I like that he likes Dumbo. I haven’t seen that movie in SO long.

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