The Guild

Not being a huge fan of video games myself, I was surprised to find myself addicted to the websiode series “The Guild” created by Felicia Day (Of Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog). The series has three seasons out on Netflix instant, with the fourth premiering just recently.

Cyd (Felicia Day) is a socially awkward girl who has recently met her guild in person for the first time. From the moment they meet, “real life” becomes way too complicated.

In the beginning, I was thinking the character profiles were a little off (a mother of two obsessed with WoW?), but as the seasons progress, I have given myself over to Day, admitting she knows how to make a badass series. I have a new girl crush.  Check out the series here.


6 responses to “The Guild

  1. Yeah… the guild is… ok.

  2. “You have a nice forehead.”

  3. Um…all sorts of people like WoW. 😛

  4. um miranda she neglects her children!!!

  5. Do you wanna date my avatar?

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