I’m sitting in the bookstore (for what could possibly be the last time for a long time) with  Christopher and Zachary.  It’s a beautiful (albeit humid) day in Grand Rapids, and I’m pondering what I should talk to you about.  It’s a list kind of day, I’m thinking, and Zach has given me a wonderful prompt.

I recently read The Film Club by David Gilmour, which is a memoir about a father who let his son drop out of school.  The agreement between the two of them is that they had to watch three movies a week together, and although the writing leaves a little to be desired, it is really interesting.  I feel like David could have written more about what they learned from the films… They watched all the classics of course…

Anyway, with all of this in mind here are the movies I added to my netflix queue today.

1.  The Godfather
2.  On the Waterfront
3.  A Streetcar Named Desire
4.  American Grafitti
5.  The Big Sleep
6.  North By Northwest
7.  The Matrix
8.  Last Tango in Paris
9.  Chungking Express
10.  Dune


One response to “Classics

  1. Wow, you added some great picks! N by NW is my favorite Hitchcock film. On the Waterfront is brilliant. I also love love love Streetcar and American Graffiti.

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