The Social Network

I love Facebook.  I do think that the story behind how it came to be is an interesting one, I suppose… however, making a movie about it seems absurd to me.  I’m torn because I know this movie is going to blow up huge, especially thanks to the cast:  Justin Timberlake, Rashida Jones, Brenda Song, and Jesse Eisenberg.

The movie looks like a hit, but even after watching tons of YouTube promotional stuff, I just can’t get behind it.  It seems fleeting and trendy, not the kind of thing that anyone would want to purchase on dvd.  In my opinion, instead of Facebook, we should be makinga film on the oil spill in the gulf. What do you guys think?  Here’s the trailer…


One response to “The Social Network

  1. I think the facebook movie looks pretty cool actually… Maybe in addition to the facebook movie we can make a movie about the oil spill. I don’t want to watch a movie about another catastrophe tho… it’s hard for me to do.

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