So, after only four days, I finished all five episodes of Weeds on Netflix.  It was a dark week, and I just want to thank Christopher for sticking with me while I didn’t answer my phone or leave the basement.  Also, I cried once.

I’m literally going to be in suspended animation until August, when I can get at some new episodes, the season finale was sooo epic!  I have to admit, that I’m really not liking the direction that this is all going though.  Nancy isn’t even involved in selling weed anymore, so I personally think they’ve strayed a bit too far form the original concept.  She’s becoming a really bad mom, and it seems a little out of character.  When things ended in season three, that was brilliant.  In my opinion, they should have held off on (Spoiler alert!) burning down Agrestic, and made that the series finale.   Let me hear your opinions, masses.


One response to “Weeds!

  1. Best screencaps ever.

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