How many of you are watching Showtime’s “Weeds”?!

This show is absolutely without a doubt the most addictive program I have ever had the pleasure to watch at my convenience.  I’ve burned through the first two and a half seasons already in the last few days (I’m getting really tired of hearing how pathetic I am, Chris) and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon…

Let’s get into specifics here… the show’s premise is hilarious and unique.  It is about an upper class white woman living in a suburban white collar neighborhood whose husband passed away.  In order to make ends meet, she has been selling weed to bored housewives, but she’s ready to up her anty to something with a little more cash flow.  I think Mary Louise Parker is smokin hott, and a talented actress.

There’s some heavy stuff tackled in the second season, but the first one is a whole different pace, it’s purely entertainment with literally no cliffhangers.  By the second season, there are some major changes and I’m actually finding myself tense for the family involved. There are moments of genuine hilarity in each episode, but I think it is slowly morphing into a drama, and it can’t be stopped now.

The best kind of shows can do that to you… pull you in and make you feel their  pain, pound your fist at their frustration, and leave you kicking and screaming while Chris drags you by your ankles to Meijer at midnight just to get you out of the house.

Like everything Showtime does, it’s overly saturated in sex, but the cast is great.  I  think Kevin Nealon was a totally random choice, but he really sells this crooked politician thing.  He is hilarious, in a way that has nothing to do with his twitter feed (which I have seen, thanks to my roommate…) and I’m slowly starting to fall in love with Conrad.

The one and only qualm I have with this show is the TERRIBLE intro sequence.  This is showtime we’re talking about… Showtime!?  As in… you PAY for it.  You would think their work would be absolutely downright flawless when it came to the most basic things such as editing.  Look closely at the intro, and you’ll notice that the shadows of the runners come out of nowhere (thanks for catching that, Elliot)… look again as the men exit the coffee house, don’t lean too close to your computer screen though, or the jump cut will hit you in the face.  Anyways, besides the rather lengthy and boring intro, I’m in love.


3 responses to “Weeds!

  1. I still disagree with you on the intro. They probably didn’t spend the most money on it, but look at the Dexter into. Both are something really simple, but places you in the environment of the show.

    Although the Dexter intro is x10 better.

    I love Kevin Nealon in this show. Doug and Andy always make me laugh.

  2. Zac and I watched the first 3 or 4 episodes. He didnt really like it, but I know I would have gotten into it even more had we kept watching.

  3. Sarah Ann Lutz

    I being so honest when I say, I start an episode and don’t even move till its done!

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