Happy Nerd day!

Hello geeky people, today, May 25, is a HUGE day for me!! And hopefully for all of you as well…

Today is the date of several sci fi celebrations. First and foremost, it celebrates the anniversary of the first release date for Star Wars: Episode IV in theaters in the year 1977! Second, for those of you who are fans of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books, it is “towel” day. It is also aptly titled “Geek Pride day”.

This nationally recognized holiday has been a good one for me. I went to the dentist this morning my Star Wars tshirt, (by coincidence, actually) and it turns out I don’t have any cavities. Then, I spent six hours watching Netflix.


3 responses to “Happy Nerd day!

  1. are you watching weeds right now?

  2. i dont know why that said i was you, sorry.

  3. That wont make any sense now, I first commented on this by asking if you were watching weeds right now, and it was registered as you, then I left that last comment and the first one went away, and I’m just making a mess of your blog and I’m sorry.

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