Improvised Line! Star Wars

Hey guys! I’m all finished moving back home for the summer, and I’m free to stumble upon the interwebs and sink into the TV set to find things to discuss with you.

This scene from The Empire Strikes Back is where Leia tells Han about her feelings for him right before he’s frozen. Since Harrison Ford had to spend so much time acting like the tough, rogue, badass that he is in the films, the original line “I love you too” didn’t sound right. George Lucas told Ford to improvise something, and what came out was the piece of cinematic gold you see right here. Man, he’s talented!


2 responses to “Improvised Line! Star Wars

  1. badass

  2. Sooo my Anja who has been in town for a couple of weeks and I still haven’t seen you! It is fun to read this site. I guess that studying film genre and obscure facts rubbed off on you. I always like the way they handled this moment in Star Wars. Did I ever tell you that I saw all of the orginal Star Wars movies when they came out in the theater. I guess that I have been a Star Wars geek for most of my life.
    Anyway, It would be nice to see you. The girls danced at Festival tonight, I should have let you know.
    Chat soon,

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