So, apparently I wasn’t concious for any of the 90s, and I never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Now that I have a Netflix, I’m going to catch up… slowly.  My roommate, Kari “PSH”-d for two hours while I caught up on the first two episodes last night.

So far, my only comment is that the show is really dark.  Literally, poor Buffy is almost never in the light.  I feel like if this show were around today, it would have a really popular following, because the content is so hip right.  I love that in a world of Twilight and glittery vampires, I can log online and watch a show about real vampires who suck blood and everything.  But I should say, I’m totally not buying Sarah Michelle Gellar as a 17 year old girl…


2 responses to “Buffy

  1. I pretty sure everything would glitter in Buffy if it was made today.

  2. She was actually 18 when they made the first season.
    And as far as her being in the dark, they are planning on re-making Buffy the Vampire Slayer… but the guys re-making it are the terrible people who made the first shitty film (which if you haven’t seen… continue not seeing it).

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