I go through phases with my forum habits… When I was a young’n, I was a loyal to HP, and I did a solid two year run.  Then, like all child romances, things fizzled out between us, and I stopped.  Then, like maybe two years later, I started up again hardcore.  I no longer have an account, but I do have the familiar itch to talk fandom with 14 year olds….

Which lead me to to this post.  Recently, I decided to start up again, this time with slightly more well rounded subject matter.  My two current favorites are some of the nicest forums I’ve seen in a while.  I might mention that I’m pretty high maintenence with this stuff, I don’t like a site if there aren’t enough users, enough threads, or nice enough layouts…

The Fantasy Forum is a site devoted to all things fantasy.  With really expansive categories on Movies, TV, Books, Video Games, and even fantasy in an area outside all of that media (races, swords, theories, etc.) I am hooked.  Seriously, the threads are almost overwhelming, it will take a long time for you to explore everything.  Plus, this site has great customization tools..

Fan Forum is a bit less broad as far as subject matter; celebrities and TV shows are the main categories, but there is a Science Fiction section with a few movies/TV shows there.  I actually use this primarily for television threads… (Gilmore Girls!!!)

Do any of you currently use forums?  Am I missing any good websites?


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