Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.

My dad came to town and I convinced him to take me to C2E2, Chicago’s
own comic book convention. I had never been to a convention before, so I
didn’t really know what to expect, but I’ve never had such a great day. After
a couple hours my parents left me and went back to Michigan, and I hung
out for like five more hours on my own…

There were several highlights for me at this thing. First of all, Carrie Fisher
made a rare convention appearance, which I was pretty enthralled over.
Turns out, those greedy C2E2 bastards were charging FORTY dollars to go
and meet her. So, alas, I never got to see Princess Leia in person, but I did
get this sort of okay picture from behind a curtain.

So, moving on, I did see other Star Wars faces, which was totally crazy for me.  Daniel Logan: Boba Fett, Episode II, Attack of the Clones. He also does voices for The Clone Wars TV show.  And, he’s pretty darn dreamy.

There was also the occasional costumer, but I went on Sunday, and I was told that Saturday was the crazy day… I saw Darth Vader and Boba Fett costumes Sunday though.  Tried to chase the stormtroopers down, but they were busy guys that day.

I love Star Wars, but I’m not a crazy Star Wars encyclopedia who has seen them each 50 times, so I was equally excited about some of the other guests.

Anyone familiar with’s Cyanide and Happiness?  I met the artists and hung out at their table for a while.  They were all super sweet guys, and they drew me original pictures!!!  When I get a chance later, I will scan one in, because you’ll all be pretty jealous.

Also kicking around were the Threadless people, some of my friends from
Chicago’s Oh No Doom, Nintendo, Ghost Hunters, Iron Man auctions, and
more.  To my surprise, there were tons of kids there.  Like, tons.  With a
$25 dollar admission fee, I’m pretty shocked that so many parents would
take their really young kids to something so expensive.  (Seriously, you
won’t leave a conevention without spending money…)

So, my thoughts… I will probably go again to the ComicCon that is coming
to Detroit in a month or so.  Even not being huge into comic books, it was
still one of the best days I’ve had in Chicago this whole year.  It was totally dreamy.  I spent way too much money.  I will go back.

Have any of you ever been to ComicCon?  Were any of you at C2E2?  What were your impressions?


3 responses to “Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.

  1. i wish i was there to hang out with boba fett

  2. Ah I wanted to go. I heard there were some TV people there like from The Cleveland show, see any of those types?

  3. Sarah Ann Lutz

    u look so beautiful next to him!!! I’m really happy for you getting to go to this awesome comic convention!!!!!!

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