This promo is so amazing, gosh this show is fucking awesome!!!  Just a show of hands for those of you who know me, who is sick of me talking about it?  Remember, Hulu and NBC both only hold the five most recent episodes, so don’t get too far behind!

Besides the incredible cast, and such a beautifully simple storyline that other networks were totally doing a facepalm when this show came around, my favorite part is the music.  Bob Dylan does a cover of “Forever Young” in the opening credits, which are totally a dying art…

Now I’ll talk about this week’s episode, which was probably my favorite yet (besides the pilot).  I’m really geeked over this Crosby and Jasmine thing, but I’m also equally intrigued by this budding friendship between Amber and Hattie’s ex.  There are so few shows that I’m watching the day they come out, and it’s so nice to be loyal to something again.

PS This is not the last time you will see a Parenthood post.


One response to “Parenthood

  1. it’s good to see the swimfan is getting work again.

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