I am working on a new beautiful layout. I should have a revamped site by the week after memorial! It will be more cohesive and targeted based on my traffic. I wish this post was more elegant but I’m currently playing a game of me vs. throwup. So yep. Have a good week bloggers! xoxo



Fox is always on top of things.  Thank you for this Jeffrey Wilczynski.

Kinetic Type

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted… even though “blog” is on almost every single to do list I make.  In any case, at the request of my babi girl Kaley, I am posting even though I have about six hours of editing I should be starting on instead.

This video is super close to my heart because it was my first successful finished piece in After Effects for my Motion Graphics class.  It’s taken from a scene in Gilmore Girls where Luke and Lorelai have a conversation about Star Wars.

Street art

More inspiring images from my stumblings.

Look at me, falling behind on my posts… My only excuse is that the fly-est babi girl ever was visiting me this week.  So.  alas, no…  I did not make it to C2E2.  Sunday, the holy day; the only day I could have actually gone, I got sick.  Go me.

So instead of talking about convention-related things, I’m going to show you a cat.  I wish I could talk about something interesting, but it’s been a crazy weekend and I think I still have residual hang-over inside of me.

Plus this is awesome.

Thanks X


Toy Story 3:

-In their most productive week of production, Pixar completed 3.5 minutes of animation.

– Buzz’s original name was supposed to be Lunar Larry

– Originally, Bo Peep was supposed to be a Barbie doll.

– Barbie and Ken’s outfits are modeled after real life dolls

After seeing three of the animators at Pixar come to Columbia to speak last year, I am fascinated by the fact that the studio is so incestuous.  Many of them attended the same school, and were even taught by the same professors.  Andy, for example, is named after Brown University professor Andy Van Dam, who taught many of the staff members on this film.